November - December 2018


As part of a coding theory coursework, my team of 4 conducted an analysis of the CryptoNote v2 whitepaper.

CryptoNote is an application layer protocol that aims to solve specific problems identified in Bitcoin. Namely:

  • Traceability of transactions
  • The proof-of-work function
  • Irregular emission
  • Hardcoded constants
  • Bulky scripts
This open-source protocol powers several decentralized privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies, including Monero, a privacy-focued cryptocurrency released in 2014.

The delivery of the assignment was through presenting a deck of slides that summarised our findings. I presented the sections regarding the problems with Bitcoin, technical definitions, as well as further considerations. A Q&A was held at the end of the presentation where each member of the team could be questioned on any part of the presentation. The grade I personally achieved was 23/25.